I went grocery shopping tonight, and got a few things I need for my lunches/suppers this week.

  • red leaf lettuce (the darker and more colour in your lettuce, the better)
  • carrots
  • whole wheat buns
  • pretzel (not pictured because I ate it on the way home)
  • Blueberry Green Tea Superfruit
  • tomato

I’m going to make salad for my lunch/supper, and what I usually put in it is: red lea lettuce, tomato, cucumber, celery, and carrot.

I’m either going to eat the bins at breakfast with peanut butter (my peanut butter has one¬†ingredient: peanuts), or I might make chickpea salad and use them for sandwiches.

I have blueberry ginko herbal tea, but I find it really strong, so I don;t drink it every often. Today when we were at the mall, Zach got blueberry herbal tea, and I tried it, and I liked it a lot more than the one I have, so I thought blueberry green tea might be good (I have pomegranate green tea, which I really like).